Stress Audit

Get a HRA (Health Risk Assessment) done for your employees as a starting point. Individual reports are shared with the individuals only while the employer receives a aggregate reports without the individual names included.

You will get both physical and mental fitness for the organisation. The report would be company-wide and gender-wise to help you take an informed decision.

Connect to Health Risk Assessment

Awareness of risk factors are an important step for employees and organisations. A little risk is required to move forward as a healthy unit. Health risk assessment is a wholistic report that includes physical, mental and other workplace risks. These are simple assessment that can be done from anywhere and anytime through our portal. The participants need to answer the questions and they will receive the individual reports with areas for improvement. At an organisational level, the report is of aggregate type and gives a broad analysis of the Health Risk Assessment. This report provides for taking meaningful and informed decisions by the leadership so that the risk factors are reduced and aligned with the goals of the organisation. Corporate will need to consider the benefits of taking a Health Risk Assessment. This will help in taking lifestyle related decisions, is aware of the areas to focus to reduce the claim rate, understand the health of the population and medical interventions required not just in the current situation but also in the near future. This is a tool to be proactive in taking preventive health care measures for the organisation. Is it time to go for it and empower both the employees and the organisation? Well yes it is..........


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