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We are recognized for our passionate care, we take to improve the standard in critical care transport as well as safe and careful assistant in non-emergency situations.

Starting with an initial call and all the way through the procedure, we will be discerning to the emotions, experiences, and challenges, which transpire when transportation of a patient is required.

Emergency Transports

Emergency Transport

We care for your emergency situations.

Urgent Pick-Up

Urgent pick-up

Quick, reliable and safe measures.

Primary Care

Primary Care

Initial care to save lives

Doctor Support

Doctor Support

Extended consultation support

Types of Services

Providing 24x7 fastest Ambulance Service

Integrated Emergency Services

Integrated emergency services

Submit your mobile number and receive a call back in 30 seconds.

Inter - City Patient Services

Inter-city Patient services

Quick and safe patient transfers between cities.

Intra - City Patient Services

Intra-city Patient services

Quick and safe patient transfers within the city.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

For patient transfers to other states or country by Air.

Train Ambulance

Train Ambulance

For patient transfers to other states by Trains.

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  • Patient Transfer: In a few cases of seriously ill patients, an advanced ambulance is used for the transport to ensure that the patient's condition is constantly monitored during the procedure.
  • Emergency Services: Advanced ambulances and qualified paramedics are needed for this service, as well as advanced ambulances and trained paramedics to provide emergency service.
  • Ambulance for Events: Ambulances used for this service are capable of providing pre-hospital services as well as emergency transport in the case of accidents.
  • Intercity Transfer: This service is a pre-planned patient transfer that, due to its non-emergency existence, usually necessitates the use of a basic ambulance.

Please enter your phone number on the landing page of Ambulance and click on submit. Our team will get back to you immediately.

Patient transfer ambulance Services is one of the most reliable services where the patients are transferred from one bed to another bed under the supervision of the same medical team. It is most common and important service for the patients who need to shift from one bed to another bed for their better treatments. Ground Ambulance Services is also known as Road Ambulance Services by which the patients are carried and transferred to one place to other places but within 300 Km, it is the best and the cheapest option for the patients as well as clients. The cost for intercity ambulance transfers will be as per actuals of the distance.

In case you are looking for stand by ambulances during an event or at your office premises, you may call +91 9555166000 or write to us at with your requirement. Our team will arrange for the same at the earliest.

You may either call our medical helpline number +91 9555166000 or logon to our Ambulance service web page and submit your number, our team will get back to you and we will require the following details: Name, Contact person’s number, Address with pin code and patient details.


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