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Do you know if your stress levels are appropriate or moving towards dangerous levels? A little stress can help you become successful in life but if it goes beyond tolerance level it hinders your life at work and home. Take this STRESS AUDIT and get empowered.

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Measuring stress through stress audit will build awareness. This helps in better navigation of stress.

Stress can be caused due to feeling of pressure, worried about something, when you are not under control of a situation, you feel overwhelmed etc

You do not need to provide any samples or go to a physician to do the stress audit. You can login to your dashboard and answer the questions and the test is done. It is that simple.

There are no right or wrong answers. You just need to answer with the flow and submit.

You will receive the test result immediately

You will receive the interpretation for your stress test result online. If you are not clear about your interpretation and wants a solution, you can book a counselling session online and get clarity


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